Witness the dream of millions of Indians come true. Witness the crown of prosperity adorning the head of India. The road to opulence kick starts with the earnest actions and sharp intellect of a village boy, Sudesh. From the poverty of a village to the highest political office of India, this epic of Sudesh’s journey is woven beautifully with the epic of a rising India. It is a miraculous yet believable, a struggling yet zealous, an overwhelming yet humble account of how one man takes India to undreamt of wealth.

Ayn Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged — about America being destroyed by policies which lead to a strike of its ‘brainpower’. Rakesh Wadhwa & Leon Louw write this tale of Sudesh’s India against a backdrop of policies which send its brainpower into overdrive.

It is a novel that grips and beguiles the emotions with its images of India, and challenges the intellect with its messages of freedom and democracy. It is about India getting rid of shackles relegating its people to penury. It is a tale of Sudesh who becomes PM not because he wants to be someone but because he wants to do something: he becomes the deal maker who transforms his country to way beyond what it once was — a golden bird, a place coveted by the rest of the world for the prosperity and wealth of its inhabitants.

I find it hard to answer your letter because I agree with almost everything you say.

[Nobel laureate (Economics) and advisor to US Presidents. Friedman also adjudged Rakesh Wadhwa as the best writer on free markets in the International Policy Network’s Bastiat Prize for Journalism.]

A skillful combination of doctrines of Good Governance and Economic Freedom … a racy, compelling and page turning drama of passion, intrigue and love; a potent script for a promising Bollywood flick.

(Bollywood Actor, Producer and Director)

Rakesh Wadhwa and Leon Louw believe in free markets, liberal economic policies and reduced (but effective) State intervention. This is an interesting attempt to push these ideas through a novel that straddles time and space, and through a Liberty and Prosperity Party that shapes the future through a golden India.


Fiction often captures philosophy better than a dry essay as we know so well from Ayn Rand, who is also Rakesh Wadhwa’s role model. This delightful thriller is a paean to liberalisation and shows how India could become one of the world’s freest and most prosperous countries.


A passionate believer in capitalism and free markets, Rakesh Wadhwa is a regular columnist in leading newspapers and business magazines in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the US. He is on the board of directors of the Liberty Institute, a Delhi-based free market think tank and also a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, an international free market organisation. He is world’s only column writer to be nominated four times in the top slots for the Frederic Bastiat Prize for journalism held by the International Policy Network, UK.

A professional chartered accountant and economist with a law degree from University of Delhi, Rakesh Wadhwa is the Vice Chairman of Nepal Recreation Centre (NRC).