Why Governments Fail?

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When one is in office one has no idea how damnable things can feel to the ordinary rank and profile of the public – Sir Winston Churchill

Government isn’t the solution; government is the problem – Old slogan of the Libertarian Party of the USA

Feeling good about the government is like looking on the bright side of any catastrophe. When you quit looking on the bright side, the catastrophe is still there – P.J. O’Rourke

Why do governments perform poorly? Why do government actions have consequences which are the opposite of the intended objectives? Why are government forays into business abysmal failures? Why is the government record pathetic in controlling crime and terrorism? Why when the government administers justice, the horrendous delays negate the concept of justice? Why are government budgets perpetually in deficit and countries eternally in debt? Why are governments constantly looking for increased revenues and forever increasing taxes? Why are government actions hallmarks of ineptitude and inefficiency? Why is corruption endemic?….Why?

My Paid Protectors

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Violent conduct on the part of policemen is a common malice. However the question to be asked is, ‘Why do I pay these people to beat me up?’

As the arms of the law, policemen are the beneficiaries of our taxes. The point is that they should protect us. However the statist nature of the modern nation means that policemen are accountable only to politicians and legislators.

In Delhi for example, with the recent commonwealth games, large parts of the city seemed to be under emergency rule. A number of citizens during this time were caught at the wrong end of a policeman’s short temper. Meanwhile politicians demanded patriotism from the same harassed citizens in the name of the commonwealth games. And so one must ask: is patriotism a feeling of envy we induce in other nations by hosting the commonwealth games, or a feeling of pride in a nation that protects us and serves all the basic functions of nation state.

Protection of the citizen is the basic function of the state. When the force meant to protect becomes a suppressive force in the hands of the government, on a daily basis, patriotism can seem to be a rather comical expectation