Sheldon Adelson – The Man, The Entrepreneur

Sheldon Adelson – The Man, The Entrepreneur

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With Forbes estimating his net worth as $39 billion in January 2014, Sheldon Adelson is undoubtedly the most successful entrepreneur the casino industry has ever seen. A college dropout, who went on to become a self-made multibillionaire, Adelson is also known for his philanthropic pursuits.

Some of the Best Casinos Across the Globe

Some of the Best Casinos Across the Globe

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Prior to the worldwide economic downturn, the global casino industry was surging ahead, seemingly unstoppable. Growth records were set between 2004 and 2008, with gross gaming revenues jumping 24% during these four years to US$358.0 billion.

Singapore – The Perfect Counterpart to Macau

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Despite being around for merely a couple of years and with barely two casinos, the revenues of Singapore’s gaming industry are set to surpass the revenues of the Las Vegas Strip. Hard to believe, but true!

When the Singapore government, known for its stringent legal and moral conduct, issued licenses to a couple of casinos in 2010, it took the world by surprise. The initial idea was to enhance the experience of tourists and provide them with a wide range of entertainment options and services. The strategy was to boost the tourism of the island.

Asian Casino Industry: A Good Bet?

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Despite most countries across the globe struggling to emerge from depression and financial crisis, the Asian casino industry has something to cheer about and celebrate. The gambling industry is severely impacted by any slump in the economy. The reason is that gambling revenues are totally driven by consumer spending behaviours, which in turn is dependent heavily on disposable income. While the casino industry has been hit by the economic downturn, the projections for Asia are far from dismal.