Can India Ever Progress?

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“Dinesh Trivedi’s budget has caused a political storm, after…Trinamool Congress asked him to withdraw the hike or quit…The Trinamool Congress, termed across-the-board passenger fare hikes as a ‘hostile act’.”– Economic Times, March 15, 2012

Democracy after Capitalism or Capitalism after Democracy?

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Democracy after Capitalism or Capitalism after Democracy? Does the order really matter? This is a question I have always wondered about. Democracy and capitalism have always been thought in the same light. Irrespective of the order, the very coexistence

Can India Become the Gambling Bowl of the World?

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To be able to answer this question, let’s conduct a small tour across the only two states in India which boasts of casinos.

Government Regulations Hamper Growth of Small Businesses

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Being an ardent supporter of the free market, I had always known that government interventions curb entrepreneurs’ innovativeness, thus leading to fewer opportunities for all. Data from the World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Survey (2008) proves it. World Bank economists

Are Indians Inherently Corrupt?

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CWG scam… NRHM scam… Adarsh Housing Society scam… Kargil Coffin scam… Bofors scandal… and the list continues!!

Can Casinos Boost the Economic Growth of Our Nation?

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Sri Lanka plans to introduce new laws this year to attract investments from casinos and hotel chains abroad. While Sri Lanka already has a thriving local casino industry, the government believes that laws permitting foreign investment in gaming will stabilize the sector

Can India Ever be Free of Corruption?

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‘Trial Opens in Indian Telecoms Case’

‘Graft Scandal Hits Indian Opposition’

Are these the newspaper headlines we

Trade and Prosperity: Where Does India Stand?

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Economic Growth and prosperity have always been measured by the values and volumes of international trade. Both exports and imports are critical to economic development and prosperity. Exports bring in the much-needed foreign exchange and earnings into

Is India Truly Shining?

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Is India doing well? This question is often asked, as to which the answer typically is that India is not merely doing well, it is in fact shining. India is the fourth largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. She is behind only the US, China

Zero Tolerance for Corruption

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The number 1 topic of discussion these days is corruption. Will putting people in jail solve the problem? Is it even the right thing to do? NO.