10 Little-Known Facts and Trivia About Casinos

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If you’re smitten by the excitement, history and charm of the casino industry, you’re not alone! So, here’s a chance to dive into some little-known facts about the casino industry and some of its most passionate fans.

Casinos Around the World: Exciting Facts and Trivia

#1. Largest Slot Win Ever

Slot machines are by far the bread and butter of the casino industry and are very popular among both new and seasoned players. The largest jackpot win in history is recorded at $39 million ($39,710,826.36 to be exact). This was won by a Los Angeles based software engineer in March 2003 who put in only $100 in a slot machine called “Megabucks” in Las Vegas.

#2. If You Consider Yourself a Casino Addict, Think Again!

The most casinos visited in 24 hours is 69 and this was achieved by father and son team (Jack and Jeremy Freeman) in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 27-28, 2007. The record was then equalled by Kimo Ah Yun and Gary Meyer on October 22-23, 2015.

#3. The Devil is in the Detail

Roulette is often regarded as The Devil’s Wheel. Ever wondered why? It’s because all the numbers (1 to 36) in a roulette game add up to 666.

#4. The Usain Bolt of Blackjack: Don Johnson

A 6-month period in 2011 is all it took for blackjack enthusiast Don Johnson to win over $15 million, including a $6 million during a 12-hour blackjack marathon at the Tropicana Casino and Resort, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

#5. Quiz Time

Did you know? The Standard 52-card deck holds 2,598,960 unique five-card hands. Interesting, isn’t it?

#6. First Slot Machine Wasn’t Even Meant for a Casino!

The inventor of the first slot machine was a gentleman named Charles Rey. The machine he made in 1895 was called Liberty Bell and was intended as an entertainment option for Rey’s auto shop customers.

#7. Voluntary Exclusion

Not many people know that several US states have enacted a Voluntary Exclusion program that enables anyone to ban themselves from entering a casino!

#8. Japanese Pachinko

Japan has strict gambling laws and, as is the case with anything that’s prohibited, the Japanese have found a way around. They’ve made pachinko (a mechanical game) a national obsession. This popular game, a pinball derivative, has managed to generate a ¥30 trillion profit annually for pachinko companies as reported by the BBC.

#9. No Clocks or Windows

Most first-timers wouldn’t notice, but there are no clocks or windows in Las Vegas casinos. This is largely because they don’t want you to lose focus on the games!

#10. Casino Winnings Saved FedEx from Bankruptcy

Sounds unbelievable? It’s true and a well-documented story. FedEx founder Frederick Smith impulsively flew to Las Vegas and spent the company’s last remaining funds in casino games. The money that he won helped the company tide over difficult times, allowing FedEx to operate for an additional week, during which it got a new round of funding.

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