A Beginners Guide to Casino Gambling

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“Run for the hills, while you still can!” This is something you always need to keep in mind as you enter the casino. And, this holds good especially during your first hand at gambling. Just like all other novices, you want to gamble but might not be sure exactly how. While “beginner’s luck” might get you an initial fling at victory; only practice and experience will get you close to that hundred thousand dollar dream. Let us take a look at the math behind it…


Chances of Winning

Take the weighted slot machine (64 virtual stops per reel) for instance. So, what is the probability of you hitting the jackpot? Such a slot machine has three reels, and for each reel, there is only one point of virtual stop (which corresponds to the winning/jackpot image). So, if you have to hit jackpot in one reel, the odds are 1 in 64. Similarly, the odds of winning in all three reels (together) are 1 in 262,144 (643). In case the machine has more stops (more than the usual 64), then the chances that you would win comes down considerably.

Each game (both table and slot) has its own probability. And, sometimes no amount of math will help. In fact, studies show that slot machines have the worst odds of winning. Although as a beginner, you do not need any considerable amount of skill, it can easily drill a hole in your pocket, offering nil returns in exchange. Here are some table games that offer more.

The Semi-Circular Blackjack Arena

Blackjack is a game that offers the best odds of winning for beginners. This is a game where the casino’s margin (house edge) is low. It can be as low as 1%! The best thing is that you are playing against the dealer. So, you do not have to worry about the “poker face.” It is also fairly easy to play.

Here you are just looking for that number, with which you can beat the dealer’s number, without crossing the sum of 21. For a novice, the best strategy is to visit the table during the lean hours, maybe mid morning or early evening. The dealer will be able to explain the rules of the games. Most casinos have very understanding blackjack dealers, especially because they have to face hundreds of beginners, just like you.

A Roll of Craps

The dice game of Craps is another table you can stop at. The odds of winning are almost 50 – 50 here! While the table can look a bit tricky (with all the little square boxes), the game is not all that tough. You are simply betting on the dice roll and once you get the hang of the game, you can have a good time and even pocket some winnings.

The Red and Black Roulette Spin

This is a simple game that involves betting on numbers. Moreover, it also pays well. All you need to do is bet on a number and the dealer spins the wheel. If the wheel stops at your number, you win! You also have the option of betting on the colour. When you choose to bet on either red or black, irrespective of the numbers, if the ball stops at the colour you pick, the bet is yours. However, most American roulette wheels have the extra green spot, so beware of that. You do not win anything on the green spot and it correlates with the house edge.

On your first trip to a casino, it is natural that you would like to try your hand at the glamorous game of poker. However, stay away if you have never played the game before. Practice the game at home before you sit behind the green felt at a casino. The best trick during your first casino poker game is to “pass” until you are confident that you can win.

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