Citizen and State

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China has come to be synonymous with words like communism and state control. The image of China is irrevocably one of a state with complete control over its citizens. And because of this overriding power of state the image of the country is, to a large extent the image of the State.

How often does one think of the Chinese individual when one considers the country? One may think of cheap goods being exported at a large scale, and of harsh internet censorship, but how often does one consider the Chinese citizen?

In this respect the Nobel peace prize being awarded to Liu Xiaobao is a landmark and perhaps a crucial perspective into the plight of the Chinese individual and citizen. A reminder of the fact that the country is not all about the state and where one might hate the policies of a state, they have nothing to do with the beliefs of on Individual.

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  1. Heli
    February 13, 2012

    Amen! Bigger Government is NOT the aeswnr. If we put more responsibility on the state governments we would be in a much better position.


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