From Vegas to Vancouver: Championing the Cause of Free Markets

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The more any government stifles the idea of free markets through rules and legislations, the more people would try and “find a way out” and the results can be catastrophic for an economy. It is for this reason that champions of the free markets ideology meet from time to time to share thoughts and observations around the benefits of laissez faire and the elimination of government intervention in market dynamics.

In recent years, several such gatherings of thinktanks and intellectuals have helped this movement gain steam, allowing for a healthy environment of free-flowing ideas and debates. July 2017 will see two such major events that are bound to influence the discourse around these subjects.

Rakesh Wadhwa, renowned businessman, author and economist, is taking on the mantle of spreading the message of free markets around the world. He has been invited as a guest speaker at two major events scheduled for July 2017.

FreedomFest in Las Vegas, USA

Into its tenth year, FreedomFest is the world’s largest gathering of free-market and pro-liberty thinktanks. This annual event attracts over 250 experts and leaders, with an aim to “explore new frontiers” in personal and political freedom, economics, philosophy, education, criminal justice reform and several other domains.

The 2017 edition promises to be an action-packed event, full of debates, panel discussions, keynote speeches, presentations, workshops and a lot more. This three-day event, scheduled to be held at Paris Resort, Las Vegas, will commence on Thursday, July 20 and will culminate with a Saturday night farewell reception and dinner on July 22.

Just to name a few, this year’s keynote speakers include the likes of:

  • William Shatner, one of the most successful entrepreneurs from Hollywood, who will be speaking on Exploring New Frontiers on the Free Enterprise.
  • Greg Gutfeld, author, magazine editor and famous American TV personality, will be speaking on The Shake-Up in Washington and The Media: What It Means to You, Your Business, and Your Investments.
  • Steve Forbes, Editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine and co-brand ambassador of the FreedomFest, would also be there to share his ideas.

Rakesh Wadhwa will recount some current events in India and speak on Currency Ban, Beef Ban, Alcohol Ban. Doing Business in the Current Indian Environment.

Capitalism & Morality 2017 in Vancouver, Canada

Capitalism & Morality is a gathering of intellectuals from various walks of life including educationists, geologists and entrepreneurs. Held annually, this event attracts some of the finest minds from across the globe to discuss the philosophy of freedom and liberty. Capitalism & Morality has been hosted every year since 2010, with “Reason, Argumentation & Liberty” being at the forefront of all discussions.

In July 2017, the event is scheduled to be held at the Segal Graduate School of Business in Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Wadhwa has been invited to talk on My Experiences of Establishing and Losing Significant Businesses in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Kyrgyzstan: Why do these Countries Stay Perennially Poor? Some of the other featured speakers include:

  • Prof. Ian Plimer; speaking on Climate Change Activism: An Attack on Western Civilization
  • Jan Narveson; speaking on A Search for a Moral Theory
  • Albert Lu; speaking on Why I Don’t Recycle: the Economics of Guilt
  • Adrian Day; speaking on Robin Hood:  Libertarian Hero or Socialist Thug?
  • Jayant Bhandari; speaking on How Emerging Really are Emerging Markets?

About Rakesh Wadhwa

Rakesh Wadhwa is a Bastiat award-winning writer and the only person in the world to have been nominated six times for the Frederic Bastiat Prize for Journalism. Mr. Wadhwa has championed the cause of free markets for several years, through speaking at events, authoring books and maintaining a blog.

Rakesh Wadhwa is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, an international free market organization. A professional Chartered Accountant and Economist, Mr. Wadhwa also holds a Law degree from Delhi University in India. He is also a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, a renowned global free market organization which had members like Nobel prize winning American economist Milton Friedman.

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