Gambling at Holland Casinos

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The influence of gambling and casinos on the inflow of tourists and foreign currency into a country cannot be overstated. There are 14 casinos scattered throughout the Netherlands, making gambling and Poker a much loved pastime by the Dutch folk. On December 17, 1975, the Dutch government granted the only casino license in the country to the National Foundation for the Exploitation of Casino Games in the Netherlands, commonly known as Holland Casino. The opening of thirteen other casinos closely followed the commencement of the first in 1976. To this day, they are the only licensed gambling operators in the country. The entire operations are regulated by the Dutch gambling act “Wet op Kansspelen” (Wok), whose objective towards the Dutch folk and tourists is based on the following.

  • Protection of the consumer so that he/she is not cheated.
  • Combat addiction of gambling by limiting the time spent by regular gamblers.
  • Reduce any criminality or irregularity in the system.


Tracking irresponsible gaming behaviour

The law allows you to gamble but discourages bets and prolonged hours of play. Here are a few signs that depict irresponsible gaming behaviour in customers:

  • Attending the casino everyday without a break.
  • Playing for long hours on a single table or with a single dealer.
  • Change in intention. You may have come in to enjoy, but have are now addicted.
  • People, with financial instability, who cannot resist placing at least a single bet each day.
  • People who start experiencing problems in their social environment and think only about casinos and gambling.

The intentions are fine, but how far they are achieved and how much enforcement costs is another matter.

Adhering to the Dress Code

At Holland’s casinos you may be denied entry if you aren’t in the right dress. The code to go by is being stylish and well groomed. The casinos have an upmarket bias and, it is against the rules to allow people entry if they are poorly or shabbily dressed. Dressing like you would on a special evening outing is the way to go. Evening gowns for ladies and tuxedos or suits for men are safe options. Here are a few things that you must not wear if you plan to visit the casino.

  • Baggy jeans and hooded sweaters.
  • Clothing with offensive texts or pictures of artists.
  • Shorts and sleeveless t-shirts.
  • Sportswear, including slippers, sandals, headgear, etc.
  • Office wear, including stale shirts and boring trousers.
  • Skimpy or translucent clothing, including beachwear.

Popular games played at Holland’s Casinos

There are a number of games that are popular here, including a host of live events. Here is a look at the different types of games played at the 14 Holland casinos.

  • American roulette: You can bet on several numbers in a single turn and you win if your numbers appear. It is essential that you understand the game etiquette that you do not offend other players.
  • Bingo: Bingo comes in all shapes and sizes, with regular stage events and live bingo machines. Select a few numbers and wait in suspense to see if your numbers match the ones drawn.
  • Black Jack: Also known as ‘Twenty-One’, Black Jack is played with the objective of beating the bank by getting an edge over the house.
  • Multi Poker: There is no question that Poker is among the most sought after games at casinos. Multi Poker is a variation of the traditional game, since it is played against a bank. You need higher cards than the bank to win.

You can play these games across the 14 venues, while enjoying drinks and food at the restaurants and lounges. If you want to groove to the beats of music, the Holland casinos are complete with night clubs that remain open until the early hours of the morning.

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