India, The Third World

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Should India subscribe to free market principles? Can India overtake the US? Here are some quotes from my book: India, The Third World.

Competition in a free system provides a means of policing the process. This is a far more effective check on avarice than any form of regulation.

Life is all about freedom. Every time government legislates, every time it taxes us, every time it grants monopoly privileges to its corporations or to individuals, it takes away our freedom.

The biggest killer of human beings is not cigarette smoke, automobile accidents, cancer, AIDS or heart attacks, but poverty.

All government actions when they seek to intervene in the marketplace or the economy, constitutes an application of force.

Liberty presupposes that each one of us is free to exercise our will in a manner we deem fit. If we are harming no one, our rights must not be curbed in any way.

Trade barriers are based on the supposition that producers have rights, consumers have none.

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