Las Vegas: What Makes it Click With Businessmen?

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Las Vegas has very quickly transformed itself from being called the ‘Sin City’ to one of the most sought after destination for family vacations and business conferences. What can stop it? Las Vegas has it all – accommodation with dozens of hotels having 5,000 rooms each, entertainment, mega shopping malls and the world’s biggest conference infrastructure.

If you thought that Las Vegas has grown to its capacity think again, because even today new and more advanced facilities are being added to this city of the United States. To be able to support the huge rush of tourists more and more hotels are being built. Be it the Wynn, The Bellagio or the Venetian hotel you name it and luxurious hotels with exciting fun elements can be found here.

This makes us think how this really happened? What is the reason that Las Vegas which is present in the middle of the desert state of Nevada was for decades the fastest growing city in the whole of US? Las Vegas shows the power of enlightened laws. It shows what can be achieved by lawmakers when they act in accordance with our basic instincts to be free to do what we want to with our money including gambling it away.

Las Vegas has seen this boom because it has legitimized gambling which means that it is liberal in issuing casino licenses and has no city or state income tax. Realizing that you cannot eliminate gambling by merely declaring it illegal, the lawmakers of Nevada did away with hypocrisy which characterizes politicians, faced the truth, and said, ‘lets make Nevada the world’s gambling capital’. There are no other beneficial factors that set Nevada apart from the other U.S. states.

Nevada has an arid landscape and an inhospitable climate whereas California offers the best weather in the whole of US. However, all this is little comfort to businessmen who prefer lower taxes in Nevada. Many move out of California and migrate to Nevada to take advantage of its liberal business environment present there. This reflects how a desert blossoms while an oasis shrivels all because of the policies adopted by the state.

Even exhibitions held here see artifacts from all over the world. Some exhibitions even cover an area of over 200,000 sq. fts. If you happen to ask exhibitors whether they faced any regulatory problems in bringing their goods for showcasing in the US their prompt answer is no.

Contrast this with a place like Nepal; a company from Bangladesh wanting to bring its goods to exhibit in Kathmandu, would have to obtain multiple government approvals. Customs here would require the exhibitor to make a deposit equivalent to the duty payable on importing the goods. In the US, no such deposits have to be made. The conference organizers have special approvals which make showcased products duty exempt.

It is practices like these which result in a massive influx of conference tourists to the US. Everything is linked. Lower regulation helps tourism which in turn gives a boost to trade as well.

Nepal can do better than the US, why not convert this nation into a duty free one? Watch it boom as people come for shopping, gambling, and yes for conferences too.


  1. Kalpana
    November 16, 2011

    Very apt description of what attracts people for business or just for a leisure trip to places such as Las Vegas. Third world countries should definitely take a cue from this…..

  2. Pooja
    November 18, 2011

    Gud comparison. I hope your suggestions are heeded upon

  3. Titia
    November 29, 2011

    What liberating knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

  4. Kiana
    November 29, 2011

    Grazi for mkng it nice and EZ.


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