The Commonwealth Games

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It must have struck some of you; the way the media, in the middle of the commonwealth games, seemed to change its very acrimonious stance towards the government. The games went very quickly from being shame of the nation to being a cause for patriotic pride.

And yet for the average citizen in Delhi they were a symbol of nothing less than throttling control by the state. With the lack of infrastructure to actually accommodate the games, citizens of the city were pushed around to make that space. And in an unhealthy way, policemen and NSG guards became a common and in some case a harassing reminder of the presence of the games.

And of course now there is talk of a bid for the Olympics. One can only imagine the torture the citizen will have to endure in that case. And with respect to this one has to wonder, if games are to be directly equated with patriotism, and then one must ask, patriotism for whom? The young lady who is harassed by excessive policing, the non-government worker who travels in a stifling metro train every day? Whose patriotism is this?

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