Choose Casino Games According to Your Personality Type

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Gambling is the act of wagering something precious or of high value with the basic intent to win something more substantial under uncertain conditions. Making decisions is always influenced by the kind of personality we are, so if gambling is all about making a series of decisions, syncing personalities with casino games can give people that very important winning edge. The personality of a person can be determined by considering his/her risk taking capabilities, comfort level, social behavior, confidence and interaction patterns.


Types of Personalities and Casino Games that Suit Them

Extrovert Risk Taker: These are people who like to risk it all when it comes to gambling. The ones who tend to close their eyes and take a full swing at an approaching object without fear or regret fall under this category. Games with high payouts like craps, keno and progressive slots will keep this personality type involved for hours together. Just make sure to put a limit to the money on stake.

Speculating Risk Lover: Personalities are of different kinds and the ones who like to take calculated risks, thinking and analyzing every move they make are the ones speculating damage before taking the risk. Normally, the attitude of an entrepreneur, people with this kind of a personality should look forward to playing games like blackjack, craps and poker only because the stakes are as high as the recognition one gets after it’s done.

The Escapist: People who consider gambling as a way to unwind and reach a state of mind that blocks all tiresome thoughts are the ones known as escapists. These people not only want to have a good time but also want to find their own place of comfort in the game they play. ‘Slots’ is the perfect game for such people as comforting service could be offered right where you are gambling.

Reserved and Introvert: A large sect of people does not like to be disturbed. They like to spend time alone, in their comfort zone, doing what they do best, while staying away from a group of others they hardly know. Casino games that are meant for this sect are slots and video poker machines where they could spend all day trying to trace out luck or strategize a solution to cash in on the big winnings.

Competitive and Aggressive: Individuals with that fighting spirit and never say die attitude fall into this category. Ones who would be found working hard towards a win even when failure is inevitable. Games tailor-made for such individuals are poker tournaments. Beating the odds and your opponents is what you have to do to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Flamboyant and Flashy: Spendthrifts, egoistic upstate dwellers with the instinct to splurge and expect to be treated like kings of their castle wherever they go along with the fact that they don’t mind spending a large sum just to ensure that they are attended to in the best and most comforting manner come under this category. The casino games meant for such people are baccarat, blackjack or craps. Letting the senses tingle with the presence of utmost luxury and sophistication is all about being in one of these games, especially when you are in a star studded casino.

Frugal and Calculative: Opposite do attract at times and people who hate to spend any money without a good reason do gamble. Games right for them are video poker and slot machines where every cent can be put to good use.

More or less every personality trait can be matched to some kind of casino game. On the next visit to a casino, make sure that your personality is perfectly synced to the game you play so that you can make the best of your gambling experience.

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