Education in Indian Government Institutions

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Can students taking admission in government institutions receive education free from the influence of political parties? This is very difficult especially in a country like India.

As per my experience when I enrolled at the Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi University, there was no routine or fixed schedule that was followed. Students attended classes as per their wish and it did not end there as the teachers too were not regular with their lectures. Often after travelling for more than two hours it transpired that the class had been canceled for the day which was not a pleasant experience.

I was so disheartened by all this that after just six months I gave up my seat at this college and I pursued a commerce degree at the university’s evening college. This gave me free time in the morning to do Chartered Accountancy.

Attendance at the evening college could easily be manipulated. I remained absent for most part of the year on the basis of a variety of excuses such as being bed-ridden because of typhoid or being affected by floods. The teachers were willing to give me attendance even when I didn’t attend classes. English was one of my subsidiary subjects and my attendance was such (zero) that I didn’t even know what my teacher looked like. It was only when I was told I will be debarred from giving my exams if my attendance did not meet the minimum requirement that I headed to locate my teacher and rectify the situation. It was then that I got to know that this particular teacher only came to college for four days in the entire year and I was thinking I was the only one bunking classes!

All this made me think about how a huge amount of money was being wasted on real estate and salaries of teachers, bureaucrats and administrators appointed by government education institutions like the Delhi University. The tax payer’s money goes into funding an educational system in which neither the teachers nor the students are serious about achieving any goal.

Government institutions involved in education are as bad as government institutions in business if not worse. The situation is abysmal. Universities and colleges that are run by government have become a hunting ground for politicking. This is primarily because of the presence of teacher and student unions supporting different political parties.

All this makes one feel that alternate options should be made available to students. Therefore, here too a need for competition is felt as it protects the needs of consumers who are students in this case. If students have a choice of selecting between a variety of schools, colleges and universities there will be a healthy completion and the teaching standards will also improve manifold.


  1. Pratibha
    November 22, 2011

    Even I have passed out from a government educational institute and I can truely relate with what you have written. I hope the situation changes so that children can benefit more from govt institutions

  2. Subhash
    November 22, 2011

    I joined a government school because I did not have enuf money to join a private institute. Problem in govt institutes is more from the teachers than frm students. If teachers start doing their work properly and provide good and adequate education there will be nothing to stop children from achieving their goals and I believe thats the reason why they opted to become teachers in the 1st place.

  3. Starleigh
    November 29, 2011

    This is way better than a brick & mortar etablishment.

  4. Shaurya
    December 9, 2011

    This article mkes me even more certain that i will not join a govt educational institution.


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