Free Market Thinker Rakesh Wadhwa to Speak at Capitalism & Morality 2017

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On July 29, 2017, some of the finest minds would be getting together in Vancouver to discuss the philosophy of freedom and liberty. This annual event brings together thinktanks and leaders from across the globe to meet and share their ideas. Capitalism & Morality has been hosted every year since 2010, with “Reason, Argumentation & Liberty” being at the forefront of all discussions. The event has seen the likes of Larry Reed (President of the Foundation for Economic Education, USA) and Dr. Warren Farrell (renowned author of several books including Myth of Male Power) speak on diverse aspects of liberty that impacts organizations and society.

Capitalism & Morality is the brainchild of Jayant Bhandari, a leading analyst and institutional investor consultant, and has become a platform for thinkers to share their ideas, opinions, suggestions and predictions on liberty and freedom.

Capitalism & Morality 2017

This year, Capitalism & Morality 2017 is being organized at the Segal Graduate School of Business in Vancouver, Canada. Joining the ranks of this distinguished gathering will be well-known author, speaker and businessman, Rakesh Wadhwa.

The July seminar will commence with a Welcome Address by Mr. Bhandari and move on to a host of exciting and varied discussion topics including (but not limited to):

  • Climate Change Activism: An Attack on Western Civilization
  • Why I Don’t Recycle: The Economics of Guilt
  • Robin Hood: Libertarian Hero or Socialist Thug?
  • Migrants, and the Future of the West
  • How Emerging Really are the Emerging Markets

Notable Speakers at Capitalism & Morality 2017

  • Dayna Martin, activist, educator and author
  • Prof. Ian Pilmer, leading Australian geologist and Professor at University of Adelaide
  • Jan Narveson, distinguished Professor Emeritus at University of Waterloo
  • Bob Hoye, founder and chief investment strategist at Institutional Advisors
  • Albert Lu, President and CEO of Sprott US Media
  • Adrian Day, Chairman and CEO of Adrian Day Asset Management
  • Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research and a best-selling author
  • Mickey Fulp, Certified Professional Geologist

Talking about the 2017 event, Jayant Bhandari said, “Ian Plimer is flying all the way from Australia to speak. If you haven’t heard him speak, look for some of his videos on YouTube. Dayna Martin is flying in from the east coast and so is Jan Narveson. Rakesh Wadhwa, who in my view seeded the modern liberty movement in India, is flying in from Dubai. Rick Rule, Doug Casey, Adrian Day, etc. are speaking.”

Rakesh Wadhwa to Share his Entrepreneurial Experiences
Businessman and economist, Rakesh Wadhwa has been invited to share his experiences and thoughts on doing business in a challenging environment and against an unfavorable political backdrop. He would be speaking on My Experiences of Establishing and Losing Significant Businesses in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Kyrgyzstan: Why do these Countries Stay Perennially Poor?

Mr. Wadhwa has championed the cause of free markets for several years, through speaking at such events, authoring books and maintaining a blog. He is a regular columnist in leading newspapers and business magazines in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Mr. Wadhwa has written books like India, the Third World, expressing his views on whether India can overtake the US. He has also co-authored The Deal Maker, a book that chronicles India and its many past challenges and glory years. Mr. Wadhwa is an avid blogger, expressing his views on the wider subjects of free markets, capitalism and government intervention.

Rakesh Wadhwa is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, an international free market organization. A professional Chartered Accountant and Economist, Mr. Wadhwa also holds a Law degree from Delhi University in India. He also enjoys the unique distinction of being the only person to have been nominated six times for the Frederic Bastiat Prize for Journalism. This is an award conferred by The International Policy Network, UK, entries to which are judged on the persuasiveness of the language used, the type of publication in which they appear and for the overall intellectual value of the content.

At the Capitalism & Morality 2017 event, Mr. Wadhwa will bring to the table a unique perspective of having been an entrepreneur in several different and difficult business environments.

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