Some of the Best Casinos Across the Globe – Part II

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Casino gaming has a long and eventful history. The industry stops for breath once in a while, but its contribution to the inflow of tourists and foreign currency as well as tax revenues cannot be overlooked. Yes, it is continuously in the spotlight of government regulations, but an increasing number of countries are embracing the opportunities the casino industry has to offer.

More recently, Macau has become the epicenter of the global casino industry. However, visiting Las Vegas still remains the dream for most casino lovers. The EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region also has its share of magnificent and exciting casinos.

In my previous article, which you can read here, I covered some of the best casinos in the Eastern part of the world. Here, I have described some of the most exciting casinos in Las Vegas and the EMEA region. There is also one casino from Nepal that finds a mention in this article.

Las Vegas

Having ruled the global casino market for decades, the Las Vegas Strip boasts of some of the most renowned and mesmerizing casinos.

The Bellagio: Not just a popular gaming hub in Las Vegas, The Bellagio is considered among the best in the world. The casino has a huge 7,000 sq. ft poker room with around 40 tables. Bobby’s Room, named after the 1978 World Poker Series Champion Bobby Baldwin, provides the privacy needed for high stake gaming. Apart from slot machines, one can choose from a variety of table games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, three card poker and pai gow. Walk into the 5,600 sq. ft Race and Sports Book, where there are 99 individual racing monitors as well as state-of-the-art screens for racing and sports.

Mandalay Bay Casino: This 135,000 sq. ft gaming hub has a tropical setting and quaint architecture. It is a popular destination for celebrity visits and offers a number of gaming options. There are 2,000 slot machines and tables for games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette and craps. Play your favorite poker games, like Texas Hold’em, Crazy Pineapple and Omaha High, in the poker room. If you are not familiar with these games, don’t worry, as there are free poker lessons. The excitement peaks during the weekly tournaments in the poker room. The Sports book offers a chance to participate in high-limit gaming on major horse racing, greyhound dog racing and sports.

Caesars Palace: You are sure to be enthralled by the Roman ambience, including the Colosseum, majestic columns and dazzling fountains. The Caesars Palace boasts of a 129,000 sq. ft gaming space that features more than 3,000 gaming machines along with around 200 poker and table games. In addition to these attractions, what makes Caesars such a great experience is its dealers, who are renowned as helpful teachers of the details of the games.


Surprised to find Monaco in the list? Believe it or not, Monaco has one of the most fascinating tourist attractions of the world.

Casino de Monte Carlo: Built in 1963 by Charles Garnier, Casino de Monte Carlo is a treat to the eye, with a traditional yet youthful setting. Not only does the casino have more than 1,000 slot-machines, making it the largest hub in Europe, it also offers a unique diversity of table games, such as European and English roulette, punto banco, trente & quarante and blackjack. The casino has featured in several iconic movies like Golden Eye, Never Say Never Again and Once Upon a Crime.


Ever since casinos attained a legal status in 1977, Spain has been a popular gambling destination. Currently there are over 40 casinos in Spain.

Ibiza Gran Hotel: Surf through the best tourist destination lists and you are likely to find Ibiza in them. Renowned for its lavish atmosphere and high-spirited nightlife, Ibiza also boasts of a grand, stylish casino that is worth a visit, even if you are not a casino lover. Having all the modern forms of gambling, such as slot machines, gambling tables and regular tournaments like Texas hold’em, this casino is the center of action for tourists. Spreading across more than 2,500 sq mts, this casino includes private rooms for the seasoned gamer. Don’t miss the slot machine room, with jackpots going all the way up to a whopping €40,000!

South Africa

It was not till 1996 that casinos and gambling become legal. Reminiscent of its culture, South Africa’s casinos add to the already list of popular attractions the country has in store for its tourists.

Sun City: The gigantic Sun City resort is home to many attractions, including golf courses, a water park and game reserves. It boasts of two casino sections – the Jungle Casino, which has more than 250 slot machines, and the Sun City Hotel Casino, which has over 330 slot machines. One can enjoy games like poker, roulette and blackjack as well as learn the tricks from the in-house gaming school that provides free lessons on the techniques of gambling and table etiquette.


Nepal’s casino industry is the oldest in South Asia and attracts tourists from across the globe to this otherworldly Himalayan kingdom.

Casino Anna: Located in the 5 star Annapurna Hotel on the well-known Durbar road, Casino Anna caters to experts and novices alike. This 12,000 sq ft casino features almost all the popular games such as roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack and pontoon. Casino Anna has around 200 slot machines, 4 poker tables and 36 gaming tables. boasts of a succulent barbeque. Innovation plays a very meaningful role in the global casino industry. Electronic slot machines and video games have revolutionized the casino industry. Now there is talk of networked game play, which will allow people to play with other players nationally and even globally. Moreover, some popular table games are being mechanized and automated versions of craps or roulette may be appearing in casinos soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. My previous article covered some of the fascinating casinos of fabulous casinos in Macau, Singapore, Australia and India. Happy reading!


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