Resorts World Las Vegas Moves One Step Closer to Reality

Resorts World Las Vegas Moves One Step Closer to Reality

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Resorts World Las Vegas, to be built by the Malaysia-based Genting Group, came one step closer to reality when a three-member panel of the Nevada Gaming Control Board gave preliminary approval for a range of applications by the company, such as the

Will Macau Steal Las Vegas’ Crown in 2016?

Will Macau Steal Las Vegas’ Crown in 2016?

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Unfortunately, Santa forgot to visit Macau in 2015. The year didn’t start off too well for this gambling destination, seemed to get worse as it progressed and ended in disappointment, with revenue down 34% from the 2014 levels. So, which casino

Will all Hail the Mighty Caesars?

Will all Hail the Mighty Caesars?

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When Jay Sarno visited the Las Vegas strip back in the 1960s, he dreamed of building the largest resort someday. The then owner of the Cabana Motel chain in California,

Casinos Are More than Gambling Hubs

Casinos Are More than Gambling Hubs

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For many of us in India, the word ‘casino’ brings forth the image of a high profile, white-collar businessman who seeks solace in expensive liquor and the thrill of gambling. Movies took it a step further by showing casinos as a place where crime syndicates and corrupt politicians and prostitutes interact while being intoxicated.

Best Casinos Around the Globe

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Some of the Best Casinos Across the Globe – Part II

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Casino gaming has a long and eventful history. The industry stops for breath once in a while, but its contribution to the inflow of tourists and foreign currency as well as tax revenues cannot be overlooked. Yes, it is continuously in the spotlight of government regulations, but an increasing number of countries are embracing the opportunities the casino industry has to offer.

More recently, Macau has become the epicenter of the global casino industry. However, visiting Las Vegas still remains the dream for most casino lovers. The EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region also has its share of magnificent and exciting casinos.

In my previous article, which you can read here, I covered some of the best casinos in the Eastern part of the world. Here, I have described some of the most exciting casinos in Las Vegas and the EMEA region. There is also one casino from Nepal that finds a mention in this article.

Some of the Best Casinos Across the Globe

Some of the Best Casinos Across the Globe

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Prior to the worldwide economic downturn, the global casino industry was surging ahead, seemingly unstoppable. Growth records were set between 2004 and 2008, with gross gaming revenues jumping 24% during these four years to US$358.0 billion.

Singapore – The Perfect Counterpart to Macau

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Despite being around for merely a couple of years and with barely two casinos, the revenues of Singapore’s gaming industry are set to surpass the revenues of the Las Vegas Strip. Hard to believe, but true!

When the Singapore government, known for its stringent legal and moral conduct, issued licenses to a couple of casinos in 2010, it took the world by surprise. The initial idea was to enhance the experience of tourists and provide them with a wide range of entertainment options and services. The strategy was to boost the tourism of the island.

Gambler’s Paradise: Top Casinos You Can Bet Your Money On

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The thrill of legal gambling is known only to a select few. Moreover, a lot depends on the atmosphere of the casino, as it takes gamblers to an exalted state of mind. I will tell you about the top three casinos of the world that you definitely cannot afford to give a miss in this lifetime.

Swindlers Target Asian Casinos

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Asian casinos are the new target of cheats who leave no stone unturned to take the gambling world by surprise. Casinos in Asia generate billions of dollars each year and are, thus, an obvious target of cheats. Moreover, in a clear trend, the gaming industry in the Western world is stagnating, while in Asia casinos are generating impressive growth.