Best Casinos Around the Globe

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Some of the Best Casinos Across the Globe – Part II

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Casino gaming has a long and eventful history. The industry stops for breath once in a while, but its contribution to the inflow of tourists and foreign currency as well as tax revenues cannot be overlooked. Yes, it is continuously in the spotlight of government regulations, but an increasing number of countries are embracing the opportunities the casino industry has to offer.

More recently, Macau has become the epicenter of the global casino industry. However, visiting Las Vegas still remains the dream for most casino lovers. The EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region also has its share of magnificent and exciting casinos.

In my previous article, which you can read here, I covered some of the best casinos in the Eastern part of the world. Here, I have described some of the most exciting casinos in Las Vegas and the EMEA region. There is also one casino from Nepal that finds a mention in this article.

Some of the Best Casinos Across the Globe

Some of the Best Casinos Across the Globe

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Prior to the worldwide economic downturn, the global casino industry was surging ahead, seemingly unstoppable. Growth records were set between 2004 and 2008, with gross gaming revenues jumping 24% during these four years to US$358.0 billion.

Singapore – The Perfect Counterpart to Macau

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Despite being around for merely a couple of years and with barely two casinos, the revenues of Singapore’s gaming industry are set to surpass the revenues of the Las Vegas Strip. Hard to believe, but true!

When the Singapore government, known for its stringent legal and moral conduct, issued licenses to a couple of casinos in 2010, it took the world by surprise. The initial idea was to enhance the experience of tourists and provide them with a wide range of entertainment options and services. The strategy was to boost the tourism of the island.

Gambler’s Paradise: Top Casinos You Can Bet Your Money On

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The thrill of legal gambling is known only to a select few. Moreover, a lot depends on the atmosphere of the casino, as it takes gamblers to an exalted state of mind. I will tell you about the top three casinos of the world that you definitely cannot afford to give a miss in this lifetime.

Swindlers Target Asian Casinos

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Asian casinos are the new target of cheats who leave no stone unturned to take the gambling world by surprise. Casinos in Asia generate billions of dollars each year and are, thus, an obvious target of cheats. Moreover, in a clear trend, the gaming industry in the Western world is stagnating, while in Asia casinos are generating impressive growth.

How Vegas Got Blackjacked At its Own Game

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You may not believe it, but it’s actually true! Macau has long overtaken Vegas as the premier gambling destination of the world. And the lead it enjoys over its American sister is not thin. According to Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, the gaming revenues generated by Macau casinos were a staggering $33.5 billion in 2011; that’s Vegas’ revenues rolled five times over! Gambling was always associated with Nevada. Macau wasn’t even in the scene till the turn of this millennium. How did Macau do it then?

Las Vegas: What Makes it Click With Businessmen?

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Las Vegas has very quickly transformed itself from being called the ‘Sin City’ to one of the most sought after destination for family vacations and business conferences. What can stop it? Las Vegas has it all – accommodation with dozens of hotels having 5,000

Trade, Tourism and Gambling

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After a gap of a few years I again visited Las Vegas in the US to attend a gambling conference and exhibition. Hotel rooms continue to be added at a break-neck pace to the already existing stock of over 1,25,000 rooms in the city. The latest two billion-dollar casino cum hotel almost ready is the ‘Wynn’.

Even more than being a gambler’s Mecca, Las Vegas has become a destination of choice for the world’s biggest conferences. And why not? Las Vegas has the accommodation – dozens of hotels with 5,000 rooms each – mega shopping malls, entertainment, and the world’s biggest conference infrastructure.

How did this happen? What made Las Vegas in the middle of the desert state of Nevada, the fastest growing city in whole of the US? Las Vegas shows the power of enlightened laws. It shows what can be achieved by lawmakers when they act in accordance with our basic instincts to be free to do what we want to with our money including gambling it away.

Las Vegas is in a perpetual boom because it has legitimate gambling, is liberal in issuing casino licenses, and has no state income tax. Realizing that gambling cannot be eliminated by merely declaring it illegal, the lawmakers of Nevada did away with hypocrisy which characterizes politicians, faced upto the truth, and said, ‘lets make Nevada the world’s gambling capital’. I cannot think of any other advantageous factor that sets Nevada apart from other states in the US.

In fact, whatever other facts come to mind about Las Vegas and Nevada are negative. Nevada is landlocked having no access to the seas like California has. And yet it is Las Vegas which is thriving while California has been in an economic decline for more than a decade. People of California finally rebelled against their governor, threw him out of office, and brought in Arnold Schwarzenegger who promptly reduced taxes on cars by 66% – one of his most popular actions so far.

Nevada has an arid landscape and an inhospitable climate. California’s coastline makes its cities like San Francisco have perhaps the best weather in the whole of US – whatever may be the time of the year, it is neither too hot nor too cold. However, all this is scant comfort to businessmen who prefer lower taxes in Nevada. Many move out of California and migrate to Nevada to take advantage of its liberal business environment.

This shows yet again the importance which businessmen attach to low taxes and low regulation. A desert blossoms while an oasis shrivels – all depending on what the policies instituted by the state are.

At the conference, I noticed that there were exhibitors showing their wares from all over the world. There were roulette wheels from England, horse-racing simulators from South Korea, computerized gaming devices from Slovakia, and slot machines from Australia. There was hardly a continent which was not represented.

What amazed me was the number of products they had moved from their countries to the Las Vegas exhibition center; the exhibition covered over 200,000 sq. fts. I asked some of the exhibitors whether they faced any regulatory problems in bringing their goods for showcasing in the US? They said, ‘No’.

Contrast this with what would happen in Nepal; a company from Bangladesh wanting to bring its goods to exhibit in Kathmandu, would have to obtain multiple government approvals. Customs here would presume that the foreign exhibitor is going to sell his goods in Nepal, and would, therefore require it to make a deposit equivalent to the duty payable on importing that particular good. In the US, no such deposits have to be made. The conference organizers have special approvals which make showcased products duty exempt.

It is enlightened practices like this which result in a massive influx of conference tourists to the US. Everything is linked. Lower regulation helps tourism which in turn gives a boost to trade as well.

Nepal can do better than the US, why not convert this nation into a duty free one? Watch it boom as people come for shopping, gambling, and yes for conferences too.

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